YouScript and Grane Rx Partner to Reduce Hospitalizations Using Pharmacogenetics for the Post-acute Care Industry

YouScript will be available to all independent post-acute care organizations utilizing Grane Rx’s pharmacy services.

This tool will offer newly available clinical insights to help prevent these events and avoidable hospitalizations related to ADE’s among post-acute care patients.

YouScript and Grane Rx announce today an agreement to deliver integrated YouScript precision prescribing support to post-acute care organizations.

Adverse drug events (ADEs) are a leading cause of avoidable hospitalization among the senior population. Each year, these events claim more than 100,000 lives and cause more than 700,000 emergency department visits. The vast majority of ADEs are caused by medications prescribed according to best practice guidelines.[1]

Traditional prescribing best practices, up until now, have not been able to account for individual patient physiology linked to drug metabolism within the body. As pay-for-performance models become more prominent, post-acute care providers will need tools that help them improve hospitalization rates and outcomes related to medication. Grane Rx’s Medication Insights™, powered by YouScript, provides this tool.

Utilizing a proprietary Risk Analysis dashboard, prescribers are alerted, in real-time, about patients are most vulnerable to significant medication-related problems. Potential issues are identified within the Risk Analysis software, and providers are able to instantly view and select alternative medications, both within the drug class, and for a specific therapeutic indication.

“The FDA has stated in drug development guidance that drug-gene interactions are as significant as drug-drug interactions,” said Kristine Ashcraft, Chief Executive Officer at YouScript. “I…

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