YOUR VIEW: Reader fury at D’Urton Manor home plans

A decision to build hundreds of new homes on green land will be decided next week.

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The Homes and Communities Agency hopes to develop the D’Urton Manor site – off D’Urton Lane – bringing up to 250 homes to the agricultural site between the M55 and M6 motorways.

Why are they not made to fund the building of local services along with new houses? There’s a sign outside the new builds on Eastway that says “we’re building new communities” that’s a lie they are adding to communities at the limit! No school places, impossible to get on a dentists books and waiting a month for a doctor’s appointment

Zara Leah-May Child

Unreal, what are you twits thinking we are full to bursting half that are built round cottam etc are not sold – the doctors, schools etc are bursting at the seams as are the country lanes which are getting busier and busier and more dangerous where I live there is no bus service, no room at small village school no places for kids to play as no park etc no shops.

Yet they continue to build these so- called affordable houses. It’s a joke, I want to sell my farm as it’s now slowly becoming surrounded by fast cars, modern unaffordable housing and then they decide to build a road right through the village with a speed of 70mph – so I may as well move onto the side of the M6.

Karan Tett

I sat in on the Goosnargh planning for Goosnargh Lane. It was a joke, the council had made its mind up before the meeting . We have one bus an hour that takes one hour to get into town . Last bus at 6pm and no bus on Sunday. No doctors or dentist and Longridge doctors are so full. The road gets packed when the school is coming out and weddings and funerals cars are every where, our village will be spoilt but what did they do? They passed it !! A green field to be ruined.

Sue Clarke

Happening all over the place this…. Why do we need so many houses building when there are houses lying empty?


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