Your North: CBC North’s best reader photos of 2017 – North

It was another incredible year for user-submitted shots from across the North, and with 2017 coming to an end, CBC North looked back at your best shots of the year. Many more are deserving, but here the top 10, plus 20 honourable mentions:

1. So close, you can almost touch them: Yellowknife’s Collin Goyman snapped this amazing view at 1 a.m., while flying out to a medevac. The beautiful staging, unique setting and sense of wonder all come together to make this your best photo of the year from across the North. (submitted by Collin Goyman)

2. Devon Manik captured this striking shot during a storm in Resolute Bay, Nunavut. A blizzard, a sunset and a little blue sky: a recipe for pure magic. (Submitted by Devon Manik)

3. A slice of heaven: Julian Sheppard took this incredible shot on Whitehorse’s McLean Lake Road. (Submitted by Julian Sheppard)

4. When this polar bear crashed a cabin outside Inukjuak, Que., it caused quite a stir online – and for good reason. The bear’s bewildered expression as it hunkers down in the cabin makes for a fantastic northern scene. (Submitted by Pauloosie Kasudluak)

5. Heading out to meet the day. Alec Jase Sandro Etunga is all of one year old. Shann Kayaitok sent us this shot of him playing with a homemade snow sled in Kugaaruk, Nunavut. (Submitted by Shann Kayaitok)

6. Fred Lemire shared with our CBC Nunavut Facebook page some great photos of snowy owlets. Here’s his story of trying to find them again: ‘After riding my ATV through difficult terrain for a few hours and hiking up and down through valleys and hills for a few more hours, I finally arrived at the place where I first discovered the small owlets. However, these little guys grow fast and had moved. I was almost ready to head back to town when I saw one at my foot and the other one was nearby. I backed away so as not to disturb them and spent another hour photographing them. Today, I earned my shots.’ (Submitted by Fred Lemire)

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