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YORBA LINDA – A rumor on social media led the City Council this week to put a short-term ban on allowing adult-oriented businesses in Savi Ranch.

David Brantley, director of community development, said concerns spread on social media about an adult business operator having interest in the space previously occupied by TGI Fridays.

“It was just purely rumor on social media, but it raised an important question though and that was whether or not the location is an eligible location for adult oriented businesses,” Brantley said.

So Tuesday, the council put in place a 45-day moratorium while city staffers look at the zoning regulations for the primarily retail area on Yorba Linda’s eastern side along the 91 freeway.

The city last revised its regulations for adult-oriented businesses, such as adult bookstores, strip clubs or adult theaters, in 2004, setting standards for how far away such businesses have to be from “sensitive uses” including schools, day care centers, religious facilities and places that serve alcoholic beverages, a staff report said.

The ordinance doesn’t have a minimum distance from homes.

“The moratorium focuses only in Savi Ranch because that’s where there’s been a change in terms of the types of uses that we consider sensitive uses,” Brantley said.

In recent years the city changed its rules to allow housing in Savi Ranch and two residential apartment projects have been approved.

The 69-unit Oakcrest Terrace apartment complex is now open about 200 feet away from the former TGI Fridays.

“The moratorium just gives the city the opportunity to review the current ordinance for adequacy and not sort of allow any use which isn’t appropriate to go in under the current rules,” Brantley said.

The city does not currently have any adult-oriented businesses.

“To my knowledge, we’ve never had anyone even inquire about establishing an adult business in the city,” Brantley said.

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