WSU’s Mike Leach hates hot dogs … and other amusing anecdotes from Pac-12 Media Day

Highlights from Mike Leach’s appearance at Pac-12 Media Day on Thursday in Hollywood.

Washington State coach Mike Leach held court at Pac-12 Media Day on Thursday morning in Hollywood, and as usual he took the opportunity to pontificate on matters other than football.

Namely: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Leach’s take?

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“I don’t like hot dogs. I didn’t like hot dogs when I was a kid. And I think some of that started when I was a real young kid,” Leach said. “I’d have bologna sandwich after bologna sandwich, and anything that remotely resembled bologna I ate it. … Everyone says go to the ball game and eat a hot dog. Not me. So no, it’s not a sandwich. I’m not into hot dogs. No disrespect to people who like hot dogs. They can have mine. It gives more to them.”

Hmm. Maybe Leach would like a donut instead?

Naturally, by about lunch time on Thursday, “Mike Leach” was trending on Twitter as this discussion about Leach’s distaste for hot dogs went viral.

A Twitter user named Robert Pfeifer does, however, attest that he has witnessed Leach eating a hot dog.

So, moving on.

Hey coach, what’s the best and worst thing about working with Millennials?

The worst thing is “a lot of the time there’s a sense of a lack of accountability, but I think it’s a lot like (college basketball coach) Frank Martin said, something to the effect of, you know, ‘players haven’t changed, the parents have,’” Leach said.

“Their best feature (is that) they’re experts on tech,” Leach added. “Heck, as a kid, I watched Star Trek. These guys could have invented Star Trek, the plane, the computer, Scotty.

“I do think that the knowledge base at your fingertips is such that at a very young age…

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