WSU AD Bill Moos on the state of Cougar athletics, coaching evaluations, facilities upgrades

Bill Moos says he likes the direction the Cougars are going with all their main revenue-generating sports. Some new facilities are also on the horizon for WSU athletics.

With the 2016-17 school year in the rearview mirror, the Washington State athletic department projects that it will end the 2017 fiscal year later this month with a $10.6 million budget deficit, but WSU Athletic Director Bill Moos and President Kirk Schulz have devised a plan to get the department back in the black by 2021.

For now, here are Moos’ reflections on how WSU’s main revenue-generating programs fared last season, what new facilities the Cougars are working on, and an update on the Pac-12 Network’s impasse with DirecTV.

The Seattle Times: You rolled over football coach Mike Leach’s contract again to keep him on a five-year deal. How would you evaluate Leach’s performance last season?

Bill Moos: Mike is on the five-year rollover (contract). I did roll that – I think that is somewhat of a no-brainer. And I’m really excited about this year. This is the first year since he’s been here, and really, in quite some time, that we’re gonna have junior and senior leadership. The first few years, our best players were our new players. They were pressed into action before, realistically, some of them should have been, but they’re great leaders for the program. I think we’ve got good morale with Cougar football this could be a real fun season for us. You look back now at (Leach’s) time here, and I would challenge anyone to say they’re not impressed. … Three bowl games in four years, averaging 8.5 wins per year the last couple years. I think we’re moving in a great direction in a very tough conference.

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ST: Did coach Leach get a raise this year along with the $160,000 in raises that were divvied up among his assistants?

Moos: I was intent on getting the assistants and Mike…

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