Without the Difference, Business Quality Will Always Lack Excellence




Having quality issues in your business? Before you start looking for external help, start looking within. “The Difference” is an incredibly accessible guide to the set of principles and factors that lie between “business like everyone else” mediocrity and “outpacing everyone in their industry” quality and performance in every single part of your business.

The Difference: When Good Enough Isn’t Enough is about quality but it doesn’t feature many of the terms you would expect in a book on the subject. You won’t find a discussion on Six Sigma strategies, Lean manufacturing or how to add more items to your kanban board. What you will find is a discussion of one topic author Subir Chowdhury (aka “The Quality Prophet”) believes is crucial to every step of the quality process, the right mindset.

“Improving quality is not a slogan …”
The Difference: When Good Enough Isn’t Enough

What is The Difference About?

Chowdhury, an aeronautical engineer and quality consultant who has helped companies save billions, came to this “quality is a mindset” realization after he was trying to help two businesses in the same industry deal with a similar problem. He applied the same procedures to both businesses but only one business thrived. Chowdhury came to realize that there was more to success than following a checklist and procedures like Six Sigma. The business that was thriving had a different culture. This business had a culture that embodied what Chowdhury repeatedly calls in the book, a “caring mindset”.

A “caring mindset” is one that understands the technical aspects of the job and the consequences that come along with it. A frontline salesperson who realizes that the cleanliness of a store…

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