With MIXhalo, Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger aims to deliver studio-quality sound at live events

Most of you have probably been to concerts where the sound sucked, where all of the music was blown out and you couldn’t make out a single word of the lyrics.

Now, you might have had a great time regardless (concerts are funny that way), but bad sound isn’t exactly a selling point. It can be particularly frustrating if you’re seeing a musician you love playing your favorite songs — and I’m guessing it’s even more painful when you’re the musician.

That’s why Mike Einziger, guitarist of the band Incubus, is launching MIXhalo. He told me that when musicians are on-stage, they can hear their performances through headphones with great audio, but then they have to “blast music at people through speakers.” Even if those speakers are good, the sound changes depending on “the physics of the space,” with quality varying in different parts of the venue.

With MIXhalo, on the other hand, you install the iOS app (there are plans for an Android version, too), connect to a special MIXhalo network and then you can hear what Einziger called a “a really, really high quality, studio-quality audio experience,” even if you’re “a thousand feet away from the stage.” He said it draws on the audio that the performs are already hearing, except it’s mixed specifically for the audience.

“There’s potential for a much more intimate experience,” he added.

Einziger founded the company with his wife, violinist Ann Marie Calhoun. Audio engineer Darren LaGroe is CTO, and Matt Salsamendi from Beam (the startup that won Disrupt NY last year) is an adviser.

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