With a tiny knife forged from a nail, this Calgary artist cooks up miniature meals for free – Calgary

A Calgary man has been cooking up astonishingly tiny meals for perfect strangers in a shoebox-sized kitchen.

“I basically go and set up on the street with it and cook miniature food, which I distribute freely to passersby,” said Tom Brown, a local artist who specializes in miniatures.

He describes the activity as a sort of performance art that prompts people to reconsider their perspective, while also spurring conversation.

“It puts you outside of the ordinary world for a couple minutes,” he says.

The portable kitchen comes complete with utensils like a cast-iron pan Brown crafted with a milling machine, and a butcher knife he forged from a nail.

He’s also built more complex kitchen gadgets, including a pair of salad tongs loaded with a miniature spring and an adjustable pasta roller barely bigger than a postage stamp.

There’s even a french-fry punch capable of churning out sliced potatoes for a miniature deep fryer.

The tiny kitchen includes a miniature…

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