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WipEout Omega Collection – what’s your fondest racing memory?

A reader is very glad to find that WipEout Omega Collection has been a success and shares his most cherished memories of his favourite racing series.

I’m a much better digital driver than real-life driver. It’s the same for one of my best friends. Once, when I pointed out his lack of driving prowess using his inability to pass his driving test, he retorted that he’d just aced an S-class licence in Gran Turismo 2. He won the argument. As for myself, my favourite story about my own rubbish driving begins as all bad days do, by sleeping in on a work day.

I woke, saw the alarm clock, and black panic flooded my mind as I rushed to get washed and to some level of presentable. Before I rushed out the door to rally my way into work. My tool for this purpose was a beat up Mini Metro (google it) and I’m going to embody the trope of a poor workman by saying that it was a poor tool for the job. My route into work was a circuitous route on winding country roads, blind corners, and crested hills.

Colin McRae clad in his Subaru Impreza may have struggled to handle this. I didn’t. I careened around a blind corner and over the crest of a hill, which rendered the car airborne. Not airborne high enough though, because alas poor Bessie (the car) was unable to clear the solid concrete gate post and smacked with a sickening thud into the top quadrant of said pillar. I sat in the field a little dazed, but the engine remarkably was still functional and ticking over patiently. I always lament the lack of air I was able to achieve and think I could have made it had gravity been a little less vigorous that day.

Moving into the realms of digital driving, the key for me achieving a good lap time depends entirely on my ability to remain calm. Ideally you need to slip into that zen state where your brain projects in front of the vehicle and perfect plans are created and executed with split second timing. Any…

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