Wipe out your negative emotions


1. I’m not good enough. This negative thought has been divided into various types. For example, you consider that you are neither a qualified mother nor are adept in sports. There is no need to repeat it to yourself even if you’ve found your weaknesses. Our brain is amazing. Gil Taylor is an inspirational figure. She was an expert on nervous system, but she lost the ability to walk, read, write, talk and remember after stroke. She took eight years to recover, wrote a best-seller with her own experience, and then was invited to the Oprah Show. Keep doing one thing and witness your progress.


2. No one cares about me. It is rare that your family and friends do not care about you. Perhaps, you are too negative and overlooking their expressions of love to you. They needn’t do something big for you, but it’s the little things they do for you that really count. Or you needn’t maintain your personal relationship as no one cares about you. But they probably pay you back when they really recognize your giving. The heaven cares who cares himself and others. Why not make some new friends if you have uneasy relationship with people around?


3. I really dislike this person. It benefits you nothing to focus on the defects of the person you dislike in work or life. Put your prejudices against her aside and tell yourself that she is a person who will make mistakes now or then. Either stop thinking or talking about her or learn to approach her and see the good side of her. Think about her virtues and stop focusing on what make you unhappy. 


4. Why is she better off? A person who like to compare himself with others can never perform well. There is always someone younger, prettier, smarter and richer than you. If you always focus on what others have, your heart will overflow with hatred and negative thoughts. Don’t forget that what you have is what they don’t have. Cherish what you have, if you really want to compare with others, never forget there is always someone…

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