Winter Chill of Kashmir – Enjoy Kashmir Tour in Winter

Kashmir, Paradise on earth has its season’s first snow fall early this year. Come and visit Kashmir and see the charming beauty of snow Claude mountains and plains. Come early and take the pleasure to see the snow skiing and winter sports competition at Gulmarg. 

Snow Skiing at Gulmarg:

This year snow came too early in Kashmir in the month of December. It is the better time to come and take the advantage to see the drubbing icicles (snow with long  frost snow). The temperature in the day is above zero and during nights it falls below negative and it is due to this process these icicles are made by the nature in the most calm and quiet environment without disturbing the human beings or any animals. Another interesting place to visit is the famous Dal Lake but at this stage we are able to see only the frozen Dal Lake with local children playing skiing games on the frozen Dal Lake.


Children playing at frozen Dal Lake

The people who see the snow in Kashmir are the lucky person and they do not forget it until they take their last breath. The days spend in Kashmir during winters are the most memorable days of those who visit and see the white Kashmir that’s the white snow has taken all area under its lap. Every nook  is covered with snow. At the first day when snow comes all the roads are blocked and most offices remain closed and the governmental agencies are on work to clear the roads. The people in Kashmir are happy on this day as the snow is most important for the whole year because in winters the snow at mountains is converted into glaciers and the glaciers lasts long for the whole year that provide water for drinking, farming, etc  to the people of Kashmir. Children play with snow and make different objects of snow whether they be crocodiles or any snow men. The little children prefer to live inside homes when the snow falls and people also come early to home in the evenings. People use Kangri to warm their body and in rooms gas or…

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