Winnipeg woman fears worst for family home as access opens to Florida Keys – Manitoba

It has been three days since Hurricane Irma struck Florida’s Lower Keys and Robert Blanc has spent them searching for a glimpse of his seaside home — something his niece in Winnipeg has also been doing.

“I have been spending more time watching television than any time in my life, and I’m 87 years old so I’ve had plenty of opportunity,” said Blanc.

Blanc’s home is located in Venture Out Park along the seawall in Cudjoe Key, a chain of islands that stretch from Miami all the way to Key West. It was one of the areas hit hardest by Irma the United States, facing winds of up to 200 km/h.

Blanc and his wife were in Miami when the evacuation orders came down, so they headed north from there. As of Wednesday night, he was in Orlando, waiting for authorities to open travel to the Lower Keys, but is uncertain when he’ll actually make the drive home.

“There’s no water there, there’s no electricity, there’s no gasoline, there’s no food, so I’m not sure that’s anything we want to get into,” said Blanc.

Blanc’s niece, Angela Coleman, has been watching coverage of the hurricane from her Winnipeg home with a similar intensity. Her uncle and aunt’s home in Venture Out Park has been in the family since 1973 and first belonged to her grandparents.

“I used to call the ocean ‘grandma’s backyard,’ where you could park the boat and go fishing or kayaking,” said Coleman, who is originally from Missouri.

Robert Blanc’s home was built along the seawall in Cudjoe Key, one of the areas hit hardest by Hurricane Irma in the U.S. (Supplied/Angela Coleman)

Years after her aunt and uncle acquired the property, Coleman lived on the property. At the time, she was finishing her degree and working as a veterinary student at a local clinic.

“Venture Out Park is a beautiful park. It has a beautiful pool and tennis court, a marina and a general store … and I’m afraid none of that is really there anymore,” said Coleman.

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