Wineries vs. Wine Cellars

When wines are made, they definitely pass through a winery and perhaps through a wine cellar as well. But don’t associate the two with each other because they serve two completely different purposes and are not necessarily connected with each other. Wineries produce and create the wine, while wine cellars just provide the best place to store it.


A winery is defined as a property that produces wine for consumption. The wine-making process involves experimenting with different types of grapes, searching for unique, yet still delicious flavour and storing wine in large containers such as wooden casks for the fermentation process. A winery doesn’t need to have their own grape vineyard. They can always settle a contract with a grape grower. Wine producers are mainly responsible for the creation of wine from grape or any other fruit that owners plan to make wine from.

Types of Wineries

There are several kinds of wineries. Large ones usually have their own grape vineyards and bottling manufactures, and these types are usually referred to as commercial wineries. Micro-wineries or farm wineries are smaller ones where they grow their own grapes and sell wine on their property without needing to distribute it. Many estates are popular tourist spots because they offer wine tasting services.

Wine Cellars

Wine cellars are defined as rooms where wines placed in barrels, bottles, amphorae, carboys or plastic containers are stored. Wine cellars need to have important factors such as temperature and humidity. Alcoholic beverages can be stored at temperatures between 7-18 °C or 45–64 °F. A temperature of 13°C (55°F) is ideal for both short term and long term storage and aging of alcoholic beverages. Wine matures differently and slower in rooms with lower temperatures than it does in rooms with higher temperatures. Temperatures at 14 degrees or more allow wine to breathe through the cork which speeds up the aging process, however if temperatures are between 10-14°C,…

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