Why huge beach landing is important

Australian and United States military launched their seventh biennial war games on July 13 with the largest amphibious assaulted conducted by Australian forces since World War II. Credit: Talisman Sabre CJIB via Storyful

Exercise Talisman Sabre kicks off in north Queensland this weekend. Picture: ADF

AS North Korea threatens us and our allies with a developing nuclear capacity, more than 30,000 Australian and American military personnel are giving a well-drilled response.

Today, some 10,000 soldiers are defending Stanage Bay, north of Rockhampton. It was the largest beach landing by Australian troops since WWII and will be followed by 10 days of field warfare.

They are in north Queensland for Operation Talisman Saber (TS17), the biggest joint exercise by the Australian Defence Force with American partners, which this year includes participants from New Zealand, Japan and Canada.

It has been the chief testing ground of Australian-US military interaction since 2005.

But this year has taken on a special significance because of the uncertainty of American’s military presence in our region under President Donald Trump, the war noises coming from North Korea, and China’s provocative installations on rocky outcrops in the South China

Sea. It is a practical demonstration that while the politics of the region might be unsettled, the Australia-US military co-operation is on course.

More than likely there will not be a need for a real operation in the near future, but one purpose of Talisman Saber is to make known that preparation for the unlikely is well underway.

The operation involves the defence of Stanage Bay near Rockhampton. Picture: ADFSource:Supplied

The exercise will use sites across the Northern Territory, northern Queensland and in the Timor, Coral and Arafura seas. Major cities will also be involved, although they won’t see a single TS17 soldier.

“A significant proportion of participants will also be engaged in remote support and ‘’virtual participation’…

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