Why Bhagat Singh’s nephew believes that socialism, not Ram Raj is still the answer to India’s questi- The New Indian Express

Every time the name Bhagat Singh comes up, the association made is a strong character who fought against the British during our struggle for Independence. In any crisis, he emerged as an image of hope and strength. Being the son of his younger sister Bibi Amar Kaur. I was repeatedly reminded that I had this great man to emulate as I went through life. But to establish a truly strong connection with him, I had to study the actions of every person around him – my family, his compatriots – in order o see if they matched up to his legacy.

This is when I truly began to understand Bhagat Singh the man and this, in turn, led me to meet many comrades-in-arms along the way.    

One of the questions that kept nagging at me was ‘Why did he get so much attention?’ Was it an illusion that I had because I was related to him and everyone had so many stories to share about? Or was there something that I just wasn’t getting? I found the answer to my question when I was invited to the unveiling of his statue in Mirzapur. Nalani Kishore Guha, one of the heads of Anusheelan Samiti, was unveiling the statue.



Man of honour: According to a head of a revolutionary movement, Bhagat Singh was the man who brought the action. he and his comrades earned a lot of love from people because they focussed on getting rid of poverty and misery as much as they worked toward Independence


For those of you who don’t know this, Anusheelan Samiti is among the first revolutionary movements to be established in 20th century Bengal. This was my opportunity to find some answers, so I asked him why Bhagat Singh was being glorified so much when Bengal had many other heroes — people who were intellectual and had sacrificed much more.   

His reply stunned me. He explained to me how when the Freedom Movement began, anyone who spoke or worked against the British was sent to jail for life and suppression was the order of the day. There was a lot of frustration in Bengal. Fear was…

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