‘Who is even in charge?’: Kensington’s Labour MP on Grenfell’s forgotten victims three months on

Grenfell Tower survivors are still being subjected to “appalling failings” three months on from the deadly blaze that claimed at least 80 lives, the area’s MP has warned. 

Emma Dent Coad described the relief effort as the “second disaster” survivors have faced since the tragedy on 14 June. 

Speaking to The Independent, the Labour MP warned the trauma suffered by those involved will be life-changing and said many survivors were dealing with significant mental illness 12 weeks on.

“Some survivors will never ever be able to work again, they are ill now. PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) is a very, very serious problem. It’s not just people being a bit upset,” she said. 

“People might have no idea, they might just be trying to get through the day or feeling like they are making progress, but in six months or a year or in five years it will hit them. I don’t think people understand the effect of trauma.”

Her comments mark the three-month anniversary of the deadliest tower block fire in modern history.

The blaze of “unprecedented” scale gutted the 24-storey block at lightning speed after a fridge freezer set alight in the early hours.

The fire left hundreds trapped in their homes as emergency service workers were forced to make intolerable decisions over who to save.

For many, the trauma of the night is compounded by a total lack of coordination on the ground. Ms Dent Coad said the chaotic relief effort is still resulting in “people being literally forgotten” and unable to access the right support. 

“I spoke to somebody who had 26 different carers since the fire – a disabled person who had 26 different people coming to look after them. They have been moved six times. Every day they have to explain their needs to someone new, get used to being with a new person,” she said. 

“I still don’t know who is in charge. Who is even in charge of the whole process? We have had interim directors from other…

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