White House Uses A 9-Year-Old To Avoid Real Questions

The wrong 9-year-old boy was featured in national news last week, illuminating American sycophancy while darkening its idealism and exceptionalism.

In Hawaii media, we actually learned about Robbie Bond and his “Kids Speak for Parks” efforts to promote and protect national monuments, such as this state’s Papahanaumokuakea marine sanctuary, the largest conservation area of its kind in the world.

This Hawaii Kai kid clearly can talk about our country’s precious natural treasures and the threats they face from climate-change deniers.

On that same day, though, a different 9-year-old was being celebrated nationally by The White House’s new press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, during her inaugural press conference.

Sanders tweeted out this photo of the letter, and also read it aloud during a White House news briefing.

Sanders and her colleagues had spent weeks stonewalling journalists about several issues imminently important to our country’s future, creating pent-up demand. Without consulting with his Joint Chiefs of Staff, President Donald Trump also had blindsided military officials that day by abruptly announcing his ban on transgender service members. 

When the cameras finally were allowed on, Huckabee Sanders’ diversion scheme was to orient the address by saluting “some of the forgotten men, women, and children … that the president is fighting for.” One might expect the next words to be a touching tribute to a fallen military hero (maybe even one who had been transgender) or to a hard-luck yet harder-working laborer, pulling herself up by the bootstraps.

Instead, we all learned about “Pickle,” the semi-anonymized 9-year-old boy, who wrote a letter to the president about how much he liked him and his “Make America Great Again” hat.

Propagandic fake news has become a self-perpetuating culture in the Trump era, creating “truthful hyperbole” out of patently false claims, buoyed by the strategy of shameless and…

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