Which Is Better, Regular Water Heaters or Solar Water Heaters?

Making up your mind about getting the solar water heaters installed probably will need some persuasion and a lot of convincing. Solar water heaters’ installation costs a little more than the regular fuel run or electric water heaters. This is probably why some people might need more insight about the product before making the decision.

Let’s compare regular water heaters and solar water heater and try to see which is a better option. Although both types of heaters deliver results, it is important to consider multiple factors to learn more about each type.  


Many would argue that the onetime installation charges of the solar water heaters are thousands of dollars. While installation of electric heaters costs significantly less, the electric bills more than make up for the money you saved in the installation.

However, if we look at the advantages of solar water heaters, the cost of installation is worth it. Because after few years of installation, the amount you save on your electricity bill pays off the installation charges, and for the rest of its life span you get hot water for free. When it comes to cost, solar water heaters require a heavy initial investment but eventually pay for themselves.

Source of Energy

The electric and regular water heaters consume a lot of electricity despite being time efficient. However, the solar water heaters operate on the energy derived from the sun. If you live in a state where it is always sunny, you have more solar energy at your disposal, and therefore solar water heaters will be a better option.

For instance, due to its typical sunny weather getting a solar water heater in Phoenix would be ideal.

Discounts from the Federation

If you have a regular electric water heater, then you are the one who is paying for it month after month in the form of electricity bills. On the other hand, if you decide on getting solar water heater installed, many states in America are now offering up to 30%…

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