What to Text a Girl You Like


We all have that one girl in our mind, the one that we want for various reasons. This article takes into account that you already have her number, but you aren’t sure what to text her to get her to like you. I used to be in your shoes, I was even too scared sometimes to send anything. But, now I have 7 or 8 different girls texting me each night just itching to see another message in her inbox with my name on it.

Now what we will be covering are several different specific examples that you can directly apply to whatever text message you want. Sometimes I like to start out my text conversations with “hey there :P” This can be taken as flirty, and it also hints to her that she should reply to you. If she doesn’t respond immediately, just wait it out because for the most part she eventually will respond.

Her response will generally be in one of two different ways. The first will be she responds with “hey”, or she will tell you that she is currently busy doing something. These are both fine because she has responded, it is only a bad sign if she never responds. If she never responds then you need to just focus your attention on a different girl. If this happens, you can just say “No prob. I’ll talk to ya later.”

Here is an example of a sample conversation I had last week that later led to a hot date a few nights ago.

Me: Hi there!

Girl: What’s up 😛 [She is now stressing me to continue talking]

Me: Just watching a favorite movie of mine, and texting you. What are you up to? [I’ve given her some leads that she can use later on for more conversation and I’ve also turned the convo back on her. Notice that I’ve included info she can use when the texting is starting to go flat on her end.]

Her: No Way! That’s my favorite movie too! What’s your favorite scene? [ This is where the conversation starts to get a little interesting because she is showing that both of you have a mutual interest, yet she stimulates the conversation further.]


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