What To Do When Therapy Is Not Working, And You Need Alternative Treatment To Be Happy | Kate Schroeder

There’s more to healing than talk.

Have you ever had the feeling of frustration after leaving your therapy session, wondering (again) why you are spending your hard-earned money and limited energy on something that only leaves you feeling stuck, or in the same place as you were before you started?

You may even feel a bit lost about what to do next to get out of this dead end called “Your Life”.

This isn’t what you imagined when you were a child or even young adult, and yet despite being in therapy (which is supposed to help with these exact kinds of situations), you’re at the point of wondering if it’s worth continuing, or if it’s time to find another treatment.

You may even feel discouraged, wondering if this is all there is. Perhaps all your childhood dreams about the kind of life you wanted when you grew up were just fantasy, and this “dead end” called your life is the “real world” that adults used to lecture to you about.

Well, I’m here to tell you that this is not all there is to your life, and that it is possible to reach great satisfaction in your life as an adult.

In fact, your dreams and happiness can come true, and non-traditional therapy, which is more experiential and not cognitive or talk-based, is one of the ways that you can find more satisfaction in your life. There are countless “lost souls” who cannot seem to figure out how to obtain personal happiness, and through non-traditional therapies, have found incredible satisfaction in their lives.

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