What next for Sega? A reader’s response – Reader’s Feature

What should Sega do with all its old franchises?

A reader picks four classic franchises that he thinks deserve another chance, from Streets Of Rage to Ecco The Dolphin.

2017 is rapidly rekindling the fire of the 16-bit era: pixel art continues to inspire indies gently tugging the nostalgic strings of Millennial hearts, and the release of the Mini Classic SNES looks set to surpass the success of last year’s NES equivalent.

Last week’s article looked at classic games in need of CPR, yet it’s Sega, whose most successful console was born from their aggressive pursuit of household gaming dominance in the early 90s, who have gifted us with the welcome retro hit of the year: Sonic Mania. If the blue hedgehog can be revived to commercial and critical success, which other Sega Mega Drive IPs are ready for a rebirth?


Streets Of Rage
Back in May, Sega hinted at the revival of long-lost, beloved franchises and where better to start than Streets Of Rage? Last seen in 1994, Streets Of Rage emerged as the cyberpunk poster child for the side-scrolling beat ‘em-up genre. An impressive range of attacks, gigantic end of level bosses, and a killer soundtrack combined to leave a long-lasting impression.

Like Sonic, fans have taken the reigns and carried on the franchise. However, it’s still on Sega’s radar too: Bomber Games’ Streets Of Rage Remake was eight years in the making but was pulled down within a week of its release and there has been leaked documentation of official, failed attempts to revive the franchise. Now, with a film potentially on the horizon, has there been a better time for Sega to knuckle down and return to the Streets?


Ecco The Dolphin
Ah, the cute dolphin whose gorgeous box art fooled us all into thinking we were purchasing a light-hearted platformer, when in fact it was the aquatic offspring of Demon’s Souls. The game was striking to look at and the foreboding atmosphere still gives you palpitations, due to the pressing need to…

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