What is an IED? How improvised explosive devices are used in terrorist bomb attacks like Parsons Green

IMPROVISED explosive devices are often used by terrorists and suicide bombers to cause extreme harm.

But what exactly are IEDs? Here’s the information.


Police say the Parsons Green explosion was caused by IED that only partly blew up

What is an IED?

An improvised explosive device (IED) is a bomb created and set up in ways other than in conventional military action.

IEDs are often used as road side bombs and by terrorists and suicide bombers.

IEDs may incorporate military or commercially sourced explosives or be made with homemade explosives.

When an IED explodes, fragments from the device are propelled as pieces of shrapnel at high speed.

If the IED contained other harmful fragments such as ball bearings, nuts, bolts or glass, then they also would be thrown outward as shrapnel – potentially causing extreme harm or injury.

IEDs made with substandard materials or by inexperienced creators may fail to detonate – and sometimes they detonate on the builder or placer of the device.

In an effort to make a more “sophisticated” explosive, some IED builders have been known to employ the use of electronic parts taken from conventional electronic devices, such as  radios, washing machines and mobile phones.


When an IED explodes, fragments from the device are propelled as pieces of shrapnel at high speed

What happened on September 15 at Parsons Green Tube station?

An explosion on a District Line Tube train sparked panic as it passed through Parsons Green station in West London at rush-hour on Friday, September 15.

22 injured people including a schoolboy were taken to hospital after a “fireball flew down a carriage”.

A picture taken on the District Line train showed a burning plastic bucket with what appear to be wires coming from it.

The homemade bucket bomb has been likened to pressure cooker devices used in 2013’s Boston Marathon attack. It did not fully detonate.

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