What I’d do for Resident Evil 8 – Reader’s Feature

Resident Evil – what would you do for the next sequel?

A reader offers his ideas for the next Resident Evil game, and suggests making it either multiplayer or open world.

I read with interest, earlier in the week, a reader wondering what Capcom would do about the next Resident Evil. He was concerned that while Resident Evil 7 was critically acclaimed it only did okay in terms of sales. I agree that the main problem was probably the length of the game and that it was single-player only. A very long, usually open world, single-player game is fine but I do not think there is a market anymore for six to eight hour long single-player games with no real replay value. Not at full price anyway.

Since I really like Resident Evil 7 I’d personally just keep exactly the same style, and just as it followed the template for Resident Evil 1 I’d prefer to see Resident Evil 8 follow the second game. So, similar start, before broadening out the setting a bit and adding more characters. But I don’t think that’s going to be enough to sell. And if we accept that if it doesn’t sell we won’t be getting any more then that’s a problem.

So to me there are two main solutions: open world or multiplayer. The open world angle is fairly obvious, but there haven’t really been any open world horror games and there’s probably a good reason for that. The easier it is to run away the less scary it gets. But with zombies in particular I think there is a way around this. Have lots of zombies in the open world bits, but also make sure that there’s a lot of areas where you have to go that are more claustrophobic.

The Tomb Raider reboot looked like it was trying to do something along these lines at the start, with all The Descent rip-off stuff. But that all kind of disappeared after a while. But I think that would be a good basis for an open world Resident Evil game. Make it more of a survival game and limit the available vehicles and I think it could work really…

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