What happens to the clowns when the circus leaves town?

They need to stop clowning around and get a job.

When the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus closes its doors this month after a 146-year run, a group of costumed entertainers will be out of work.

“We’re going back in the workforce and, of course, we’re constructing our resumes and demos. We’re all sort of, you know, hustling,” 41-year-old Johnathan Lee Iverson, the first African-American ringmaster of a major U.S. circus., told The Post.

Iverson — who has been with the circus for over 18 years — met his wife at Ringling Bros. and is deeply connected to his longtime gig with “The Greatest Show on Earth.”

“It’s where we’ve raised my children, it’s where my entire family is employed,” he said.

Circus and family are synonymous for the performers who seldom leave each other’s side.

“Everybody who works here, we also all live together, and travel by train where we all get to be with each other,” said Joe DeSoto. “And there are people here who are families and have started families. People who have a long history of generation to generation of different circus performers.”

One such clown is Davis Vassalo. The Italian performer was born into the profession and had never even heard of the word “resume” before — because he never needed one.

“My gran-grandad a clown, my granddad a clown, my dad a clown, I’m a clown,” Vassalo said. “And my little daughter, she’s playing as a clown. She’s fifth generation.”

While there are other circuses, several Ringling Bros. performers tried to imagine what it would be like to apply for a “normal” job.

“So my resume would look like some acting stuff, a little bit of Shakespeare, clowning, and then I can juggle three balls for, like, a little bit,” DeSoto said.

Mandy Curry joked about going into another industry like banking or insurance.

“I know my mother’s ready for me to come home and do a real job,” Curry said.

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