What do you need to be a good standup comedian?

Comedy is everywhere, at the places you visit and in the people you meet. To experience it you just need to read between the lines and observe humor in every situation. Having a humorous conversing style always attracts people towards you .From workplace to your relationships it helps you in getting those extra points and improve your bonding. An inherent humorous streak is a god-gift, but the skill can also be learned and refined such that the punches make the audiences crave for more. Now, the question arises how to be funny?

A lot of stand up comedy schools offer classes for short periods of a few weeks and workshops to bring out the funny man in you. They teach you exactly what makes people laugh. They train you in different techniques of delivering a simple joke. Effortless communication skills are a must to become a successful comedian. It is a common observation that the style in which a joke is presented attracts the listeners. Even a common comic instance delivered by a person can get audience appreciation but can also fall flat if done ineffectively. These schools give you company of likeminded people who provide you an opportunity to brush up your skills against the growing competition. Apart from it when you interact with people having similar attitude and reactions towards situations you learn faster.

One essential quality that the presenters require is the confidence in putting forth the lines. It is the initial thing that holds the listeners to you. One must practice the comic scripts beforehand at home. It can be done in front of the mirror .This enhances one’s speaking skills and also eases fear and nervousness which arises before taking up the stage. If you are a good comic narrator but get nervous in front of large gatherings, you can take the help of stand up classes. These stand-up sessions give you immense practice as what is expected of you by the audience. A comic delivery cannot be the best if the script lacks special elements. An…

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