What Comes After Success

Success comes through time. It comes through effort and willingness. While many people know the taste of success, it tends to wear off. When you succeed at something, you don’t usually feel like you should be at the top for very long. Or at least you lose some of your drive. Think about it as a fight. When you are not the champion, you don’t have anything to lose, you have a lot to gain and a loss to the champion will not be something that you can brag about, but still. You went there and you only failed to take the number one spot. That doesn’t mean that the spotlight wasn’t on you. But that doesn’t mean that if you actually won you’ll stay there forever.


Staying on the top is the more difficult thing to do. It takes a journey of sweat and tears to get to the top. But there is a longer journey at the top. If you have had nothing to lose and everything to gain on your way there, then you will have everything to lose and everything to gain when you are the best. It takes a lot of willingness not to lose what you have had and it takes great courage to face adversary and stay where you are. While many people manage to get to the top, few people manage to stay there and ultimately nothing lasts forever. Champions lose their titles to newcomers with greater passion and willingness and those who don’t, their bodies and minds give up and at the end they lose what they have had. But whether you want to be seen as a great person or the greatest person in that field, that’s where the difference is.


When you become the best person who can do something, you should not stop where you are. You should keep on going. You should keep on gaining experience and skill. You should keep working out. If you know that nobody can beat you at what you do, it doesn’t matter. You always have something new to learn. You always have something that you could do to improve yourself because while you lay back in your throne at the top of the mountain, someone is struggling to get to…

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