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Sharing a before and after transformation picture to Imgur, the 6’2” man explained he started out at 17 stone five pounds.

But he managed to slim down to 13 stone two pounds thanks to overhauling his diet.

Explaining his background Imgur, user ‘thatbeardedfella’ wrote: “Okay so I had always been kind of chubby when growing up, but I rollerbladed a lot to stay remotely in shape.

“When I started working 50+ hours a week and stopped rollerblading, I started to gain weight.

“Eventually I decided I wanted to get fit, so I started weight lifting. for about two years I lifted while on a very strict diet of eat whatever the hell I felt like.

“Finally, I found that I was strong, but fat. Had muscles that worked well, but you couldn’t see them from behind the layer of fat quilted over them.”

He then went on to detail how he finally lost the weight, and said: “So I went on an outrageously strict diet and lost 35 pounds in about four months.

“From then I just changed my eating habits (moving to Japan helped), and have continued to lose weight. Still not where I would like to be, and that is okay, because beer.”

He concluded by joking: “Moral of the story, lifting weights makes you fat. Dieting correctly does not.”

His post attracted hundreds of views and comments with further questions on his weight loss and also congratulations on his success.

He is not the only man to share hiis incredible weight loss story on social media. Another man cut one food from his diet and stripped his belly fat fast.

Known only as his username ‘Pievo’, the man revealed he started out weighing 24 stone five pounds.

But in just ten months, he managed to get down to 15 stone nine pounds.

Explaining how he did it, he wrote: “Gave up the booze! Gym twice a day (cardio and strength training) nearly every day.

“Never skip leg days. Meal planning every week. Plenty of water.”

But despite his impressive transformation so far, the man said he was not finished.

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