‘We both dangled off the top,’ says Wisconsin man who climbed Golden Gate Bridge

Two daredevils from Wisconsin climbed the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and then posted their daring video on YouTube.

The pair pulled off their stunt last month, and police never knew they were there until they saw the video online. Now, the men could face criminal charges.

Peter Teatime, 18, of Kewaskum, said his hobby has included climbing cranes, buildings, bridges and mountains, and sitting on the edge of the University Club Tower in Milwaukee.

But his climb of the Golden Gate Bridge last month in San Francisco with his friend Tommy Rector, of Milwaukee, takes the cake.

“I just did it because I love to explore stuff and not many people get to see the Golden Gate Bridge from that angle,” Teatime said.

His video shows the pair going around a fence to reach the bridge structure and making their way up.

Not content with just climbing the world landmark, the self-proclaimed explorers proceeded to do somersaults and hang over the edge.

“We both dangled off the top. Me and my friend Tommy, we both did. We thought we had to do it. We were there and couldn’t miss the opportunity,” Teatime said.

For their final act, they did flips on the very top of the bridge.

“I’ve been doing those kinds of stunts my whole life, so to me it wasn’t really too hard, you know? I think we were like the first people to ever do flips up there,” Teatime said.

Police there aren’t pleased.

“They captured their reckless behavior on camera and shared the content with social media,” said Capt. Lisa Locati with the Golden Gate Bridge Patrol. “If either of these young men had slipped or fallen, there could have been serious harm to motorists below.”

Teatime said they purposely conducted their exploration when there was little or no traffic. Still, he has some advice.

“Don’t try it because it’s obviously harder than it looks. You’re either going to get caught and get yelled at or hurt yourself,” he said.

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