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Animals bring humans comfort in many ways — from the wagging tail when their human comes home, to the gentle purr of a cuddly cat, to the wiggly nose of a rabbit. Specially trained therapy animals can bring this comfort to humans in more upsetting situations; such as a child testifying in court or an resident at a care facility who no longer can have a pet of their own. 

Wendy Kunz of Warm Hearts Therapy Animals said, “We just got our 501(c) status … that cost us almost $800 to do all [of] that, so now we’re down to … I think $30 and a couple of pennies left, you have to have a minimum to deposit to open up an account — we haven’t met that minimum yet,” Kunz said. 

To help with some of the day-to-day costs the group incurs when visiting area nursing facilities, schools and libraries, Warm Hearts is going to open up a raffle on Aug. 1.  

“We [are holding] a raffle for either a rifle, a handgun or a pistol, [starting] the first of August and the drawing will be held the first of September,” Kunz said. “You will have a choice of up to $500 at Murf’s Guns for which item you want.” 

The winner must pass a background check before they can claim their prize. If they are unable to, a new name will be selected. 

“The goal … there’s not set financial goal, it’s just one of the things we need to keep..our organization going. To provide things that we use —  in our visits with the … libraries and the … nursing homes and wherever else we’re called,” Kunz said. 

Kunz said around Christmas time, the group likes to make gift baskets for the residents of the nursing homes they serve. She said though the baskets include small items like paper, pens, puzzle books and candy, Kunz has been paying for them out of her own pocket. 

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