Vitalyst is Humanizing Technology with a Proven, Proprietary Methodology


Vitalyst, a global provider of client learning solutions is leveraging a proprietary methodology—the Vitalyst PROPEL Methodology™—to help clients succeed with digital transformation. Vitalyst’s most recent initiatives resulted in increased adoption and consumption rates for clients at 2x-5x that of our competitors.

“To ensure success in the digital future, there must be a broader strategy for developing proficiency and an almost chameleon like ability to adapt to change,” said Barry O’Donnell, President and CEO of Vitalyst. “The Vitalyst PROPEL methodology™ helps us enable our clients to do just that by mapping out four key stages of digital adoption through the understanding of why, how, and when to best help employees.”

Stage 1: Discover

Clients need to assess the baseline at their organization. We help prepare for and manage change by understanding barriers to success, mapping out key organizational milestones and objectives, and gaining a firm understanding of the company culture.

Stage 2: Plan

Once the data is culled, we design a custom immersive learning program with established learning goals, objectives, timeframes and deadlines for clients.

Stage 3: Adopt

We put the plan to work with a human-centric approach to adoption, taking into consideration different approaches to account for, including different learning modalities and styles. As a result, clients see adoption rates soar.

Stage 4: Empower

When employees become knowledge-ABLE, meaning they have the understanding, desire and tools to seek out answers to technology questions when they need it, organizations begin to achieve transformative growth and see a larger ROI.

The Vitalyst PROPEL Methodology™, along with a growing portfolio…

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