Vision Global WiFi’s Money-Saving Wi-Fi Rental Service Helps Corporate and Leisure Travelers Stay Connected

Los Angeles branch manager Junichi Igarashi

I am very happy that Vision Global WiFi which was mostly active in Japan and other Asian countries has become available in the USA. We look forward to providing a service that can improve global communication.

Vision Mobile USA Corp., a global mobile hotspot service provider, launched Vision Global WiFi in hopes of combating the ever-present problem of high-cost international data roaming fees. The pocket-sized Wi-Fi router lets users connect up to 5 devices such as their smartphone, tablets and PCs in 4 different regions with over 130 countries expected to be covered by the beginning of summer. With a fast, reliable, and secure mobile network at prices reaching as low as $2 a day, Vision Global WiFi is the best travel companion for business and leisure travel alike.

[Vision Global WiFi] is a top brand of the TSE listed corporation Vision Inc. which has been offering portable Wi-Fi rental service for over 5 years to more than 4.5 million international travelers. Although the USA sees the largest numbers of overseas travel, it is also the country which experiences the most problems with international roaming costs. With its extensive know-how accumulated over the years, Vision Global WiFi is very confident in its ability to solve this dilemma.

With ample amount of data, business travelers can access corporate sales sites and partake in conference calls. Tourists looking to stay connected to family and friends can post to social media sites, use navigational tools such as Mapquest and Google Maps, as well as gather information at ease with the high-speed network provided by Vision Global WiFi.

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