Virden, Man. firefighters ‘darn tired’ after 2 major fires in 24 hours – Manitoba

Firefighters are hoping for some relief after two major fires in and near Virden over a 24-hour period. 

The first fire began at about 5 a.m. on Saturday and eventually gutted three heritage buildings and damaged another, said Virden mayor Jeff McConnell. 

After a gruelling day members of the Wallace District Fire Department, including units from Virden and Elkhorn, went home Saturday evening for some rest. However, they were soon called to the scene of another major fire outside of Virden, said fire chief Brad Yochim.

“We got called [Sunday] at about 3:45 in the morning to an abandoned school, out in the rural part of our district, north of Virden,” Yochim said. “It’s called Two Creeks School, and it was totally involved in fire, it was completely destroyed.”

The school, a two-story brick building built in 1915, hadn’t been used by the school division since 1966 and was eventually sold to a private owner, according to the Manitoba Historical Society. That private owner did not have insurance, said Yochim. 

It will likely never be known what caused the school fire, he added. “We don’t have any idea what’s caused it. We can’t go into the building, it’s levelled, it’s gone. We can speculate but that doesn’t tell us what the cause is. It will go as an undetermined cause.”

This abandoned school went up in flames near Virden early Sunday morning. (Manitoba Historical Society)

As for the downtown fires, the cause is still under investigation.

“The fire’s out, the buildings are down, there’s damage to a fourth building. There’s some roof timbers that started on fire, we managed to get it out. The fire wall between that building and the building that started the fire is damaged … there’s some significant damage to the structure.”

Yochim said to prevent the 7th Avenue fire from spreading, firefighters had to take extraordinary measures lest they lose them all. “We had to get drastic. We had to get a backhoe and ended up tearing a…

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