Videolinq Introduces Multi-Stream Live Video Distribution to Social Media Sites

Uvision Inc. a leader in IP video technology today unveil Videolinq: a live video distribution platform for social media sites. Videolinq acts as a bridge between compatible hardware/software encoding tools, closed captioning vendors, and streaming video providers. The platform simplifies live video scheduling, closed captioning insertion to live streams, and multi stream publishing to Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, and other destinations.

“Broadcasters and professional streamers are looking to send live video to many social media sites, and they need a way to publish high-quality streams without the complication and cost of using different media encoders,” says Eyal Menin, founder of Videolinq. “By sending to Videolinq one stream, and configuring the same stream to go out to multiple streaming platforms, social media broadcasters can stream from anywhere, without bandwidth constrains, or the need to carry extra equipment. With Videolinq and a phone, publishers can send one live video to their YouTube channel, to Facebook, and to other social media sites at the same time.”

Live Stream Scheduler

The Videolinq Scheduler automates programming schedules from live or archived media sources. The Scheduler can stream programs at preset intervals, enable 24/7 streaming to multiple social media outlets, support time-zone delayed broadcasts, or simulate live streams from recorded files. The Videolinq Scheduler compliments many hardware and software encoders like Teradek Cube or Telestream Wirecast, adding scheduling capabilities to their program output. In addition, the Scheduler can pull video from remote IP cameras for surveillance, law enforcement, or recreational purposes.

Closed Captioning on Live Streams

Videolinq helps broadcasters comply with the FCC requirements to include closed captioning on live…

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