Verité manages big projects via Quick Base

Verité is a small, non-profit organization with some big project accounting challenges.

The Amherst, Mass., organization, which aims to improve working conditions across global supply chains, employs 31 people and works with 100 clients, some of which have demanding financial reporting requirements.

For one such client, Verité is managing more than 30 projects and 90 tasks. The client wants Verité to maintain budgets for each individual project and task, assign expenses to each activity, and generate invoices for each activity. Verité found that it took two people two days to pull all the financial data required for budget and expense reporting as well as invoicing, according to Jenn Stachnik, accountant and IT manager at Verité. That manual, time-consuming chore inspired her to turn to Quick Base, a no code platform, to automate the data gathering and reporting process.

Verité had previously deployed Quick Base and had created a core application. On that foundation, Verité has constructed a number of tables through which its employees handle various project management and administrative activities. In Quick Base terminology, a table serves as a container that holds the data, or records, related to a particular project or task. For example, invoice records for a project could be housed in a table. And each Quick Base application can house many tables. 

For its large-client reporting project, Stachnik used the Quick Base application to create a template that pulled in data from multiple tables. The template, which took about six hours to build and test, shrinks the data gathering and reporting process for this client to mere minutes rather than days. And, as an additional benefit, it can be reused, Stachnik said.

“We intend to apply that template to our other clients and our tracking process overall,” she said.

Saving time and money

Verité’s use of the no code platform has boosted its efficiency. Stachnik estimated that Quick Base automation…

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