Valentine’s Day Parties With A Twist

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love. Valentine’s Day parties are a great way to celebrate that love by bringing together a large group of people and enjoying each others company while laughing and having fun. To keep the mood of the party full of energy, you can bring in some fun and original party rentals that are guaranteed to spice up the party. Following are a few ideas.

Carnival Games That Promote A Challenge And A Laugh

Games help to keep guests at Valentine’s Day parties interacting together through some friendly competition. Depending on the amount of space you have, you can easily rent one or more games that will keep your guests testing their talents and comparing their skills.

For instance, the Lasso The Longhorn game forces people to bring out their lassoing skills and rope a steer from a certain distance away. The great thing is that not many people do this on a regular basis, so the competition will be pretty even at the party. The thrill of landing the rope around the target will have everyone cheering.

For a game that will spike some interest both for the appearance and the rules, you can get the Potty Toss game. This is a game that requires people to through balls into a toilet seat, and it will keep everyone laughing and having fun for hours as they joke about the their friend’s toilet tossing abilities!

Inflatable Games That Promote Original Fun

Want to have a little more action in your games? Inflatable games at Valentine’s Day parties may not sound like the usual thing, but that is exactly why they are such a great idea! They are original and will delight your guests of all ages.

If your guests have some scores to settle, a boxing ring with gloves is the ideal inflatable game to bring in. The crowd will roar as two people face off in this huge closed-in boxing ring. Once the players are inside, the boxing gloves go on and the laughter starts.

You can also test your guest’s basketball skills with the Hoops game….

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