Valentine’s Day May or May Not Be the Season of Love, but it May Be the Time to Move

Professional movers can make your move faster and less stressful, and are less likely to damage your furniture, valuables or the walls of where you’re moving (in and out).

Between people who fall in love and those who break up, Valentine’s day is a time when people can find themselves moving, often on short notice. Ross Sapir, president of Roadway Moving offers his 10 best tips to help make such a move easier, faster and less stressful.

  • Get organized. Make a list of things that must get done before the move, like booking the right movers, filling out change of address forms, gathering necessary documents, switching utilities etc. Also create a timeline for when to get these things done so you’re not scrambling to do it all at the last minute.
  • Get all the supplies you need like boxes, tape, sharpies, bubble wrap, and get plenty of extra! You can always return what you don’t need. Once you’re on a roll with packing, you don’t want to have to stop because you ran out of boxes.
  • Use colored tape or stickers to mark which boxes go in which rooms. Be sure to label boxes on their sides so you know what they are even when they’re stacked.
  • Pack smart. Use Ziploc baggies to store small items from drawers, and to keep screws or wires with furniture and electronics. Store kitchen knives in potholders so they don’t poke through boxes. Use clothing and towels in lieu of bubble wrap, and store small items inside larger ones when possible. Put your special valuables like family heirlooms and passports in a separate bag or box that you will keep with you at all times.
  • Get help from friends. Packing for an imminent move can be overwhelming, but especially in the case of heartbreak, having friends around can make many things…

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