Urgent.ly Announces Collaboration With CCC Information Services Inc.

Urgent.ly Digital Roadside Assistance

The combination of the Urgent.ly and CCC ONE platforms will help deliver significant value, cost savings, and superior customer experience to CCC’s insurance, automotive and repair facility customers

Urgent.ly, the only global, digital roadside assistance platform, today announced it is working with CCC Information Services Inc. (CCC) to contribute roadside assistance data and services to CCC’s recently launched connected data exchange. That exchange, CCC™ X, helps convert connected data into actionable experiences for consumers, insurers, OEMs, and others. CCC X will integrate Urgent.ly data into software-driven services to enable the automatic dispatch of the company’s more than 39,000 connected roadside assistance vehicles to the scene of accidents to ease, speed, and drive new efficiencies into collision and claims management. CCC is a leading Software as a Service provider to the automotive, insurance, and collision repair industries.

Powered by the CCC ONE™ platform, CCC X is the gateway for leveraging connected car data within the broader CCC network to drive a new era of connected car programs. The integration of Urgent.ly’s Intelligent Towing Solution™ will enable automated dispatch of Urgent.ly’s connected towing vehicles to accident scenes. CCC technology can help insurers understand when a collision has occurred, quickly engage policyholders at the accident scene, determine the likelihood a vehicle is a total loss or repairable, automatically dispatch towing services, and route the vehicle to the appropriate location for total loss processing or repair. The technology can help curb unnecessary secondary tows, storage fees and rental car costs, slash cycle…

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