United Pharma Group CEO, Sherif Guorgui, Recognized With The Ontario Pharmacists Association’s Voice Of Pharmacy Award

Honoured with the Voice of Pharmacy Award from the Ontario Pharmacists Association, Sherif Guorgui is recognized as an individual who has played a significant role in promoting the value of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in healthcare, and advocating for the pharmacy profession at community, provincial and international levels.

“Every day, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians practising in all sectors of the profession are the true voice of pharmacy”, says Sherif.

Growing up in a family of pharmacists, Sherif Guorgui witnessed the value that pharmacists provide to their patients, and community. As a third-generation pharmacist, Sherif now works to ensure others understand the vital role pharmacy professionals play in the healthcare system.

Sherif has an extensive portfolio demonstrating professional accomplishments, and a lifelong dedication to education, training and advocacy for the pharmacy profession. He possesses extensive experience in the practice, operation and business of pharmacy; as a community pharmacist, pharmacy manager, independent pharmacy owner, franchise Associate/Owner, pharmacy operations director and chief executive officer.

He also acquired valuable experience in the regulatory and advocacy sectors; as council member and president of the Ontario College of Pharmacists, and as former staff and now board member of the Ontario Pharmacists Association. He is also a board member of the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy, an advisory board member of the Humber College Pharmacy Technician Program, a guest lecturer at schools of pharmacy, and a mentor at the University of Toronto Career Centre Information Interview program.

Throughout his career in pharmacy retail, specialty, regulatory, industry, government and…

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