Union Mission feeds hundreds of families for Christmas | News

BLUEFIELD — The Bluefield Union Mission handed out approximately 350 Christmas food bags to families from across the region on Saturday morning. 

Bluefield Union Mission Board Chairman Lonnie Quesenberry said the food bags were given out a day early this year. 

“We’re a day early giving out the Christmas bags due to Christmas Eve falling on Sunday,” Quesenberry said. “We felt with church and all, we wouldn’t ask volunteers to give up church to come out, so we decided to do it a day early. We probably had 30 volunteers in here this morning, which was just enough. They all stayed busy and came out in a labor of love to do this.”

Quesenberry said approximately 350 families were fed because of the generosity of the community. 

“As you can see, by 11:30 a.m. we’re pretty much finished,” Quesenberry said. “Unless we get a surge later and have to fill more bags. Everything’s looking great and we’re just so blessed by the local organizations and the local grocery stores who have been so generous to us this year in all of the donations.”

Bluefield Union Mission Director Craig Hammond said this was the 86th annual food distribution. 

“Our entire dining room was full to the brim until about 10 a.m.,” Hammond said. “The rain started and we thought, ‘let’s start serving now.’ This dining room went from a full warehouse to almost empty in 51 minutes. The beautiful thing today was the volunteers that showed up to help.”

Quesenberry said there was a variety of food inside the Christmas bags. 

“We have everything from turkey, green beans, corn, peas, cranberry sauce, yams, gravy mix, mac and cheese, ham plus a pie and bread,” Quesenberry said. “We started out with about 80 turkeys. The first 80 families got the turkeys and then we went to ham. It’s a nice food bag. It should feed a…

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