UNHCR – New facility for refugees in Greece revives abandoned buildings

By: Leo Dobbs and Christos Tolis in Agia Eleni, Greece   |  14 July 2017
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Jumaa Alo, a 52-year-old Kurdish Syrian from the town of Afrin, puts his arm around his wife Nabiha’s shoulders. Finally safe in a new home in Greece, their eyes fill with tears as they think back to the conflict that forced them to flee in 2011.

Their new home, shared with sons Mitan and Akid, daughter-in-law Zainab, and two-year-old grand-daughter Silina, is a former children’s hostel on the edge of the lakeside city of Ioannina. The family are among the first 90 refugee residents to live at Agia Eleni, which was offered to the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, a year ago.

Then abandoned and in a state of disrepair, it has since been renovated thanks to European Commission funding and transformed into a self-contained model in the agency’s accommodation programme, with capacity for about 500 people.

The programme is part of larger efforts aimed at ensuring that a sustainable and adequate reception system is put in place by the Greek Government, requiring the provision of more urban accommodation opportunities and improving living conditions.

“I will never ever forget that day.”

Jumaa and his family fled Syria for Lebanon in 2011, afraid that their youngest son would be forced to join the Syrian army. They lived in the neighbouring country for four years, working on farms or in fruit-packing plants. But life was tough and, after making to Turkey, they decided to make the perilous journey by boat to Europe.

“We had always heard that in Europe all citizens are equal in the eyes of the law,” says Jumaa. “This is something we never experienced in Syria.”

After six attempts, he and his family finally made it to the Greek island of Chios in February this year. “I will never ever forget that day,” he says. “It was as if a man who had been in the grave suddenly got a chance to step out into the world again.”

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