Trump’s Poll Numbers Rise, But Only With His Base

After a rough summer, the latest poll numbers look a bit better for President Donald Trump. But according to the NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey, one group of voters may be at the core of Trump’s bump: men without a college degree.

The September NBC/WSJ poll, conducted before this weekend’s presidential feud with NFL and NBA players, showed a rise of 3 points in Trump’s job approval number, up to 43 percent compared to August’s 40 percent. That September figure marked the highest job approval score for Trump since the start of his administration when he was at 44 percent in February.

Trump has seen a similar uptick in other surveys. Gallup’s latest weekly average had the president up 3 points, to 38 percent, compared to late August. The Real Clear Politics polling average, an aggregation of many polls, showed Trump at 41.3 percent on Friday – the highest he has been in that measure since mid-May.

To be clear, those numbers are still historically low. In September of 2009, President Barack Obama’s approval number was 51 percent in the NBC/WSJ poll. In September of 1993, President Bill Clinton’s was 50 percent in the poll. (We excluded President George W. Bush because his very high number, 82 percent, came immediately after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.)

But regardless of its historical comparisons, the increase in approval was welcome news for Trump. After months of wondering where the president’s approval might bottom out, the numbers were a sign that he might have some room for growth…

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