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President Trump might have ticked many of his promises off of his first-year agenda, but 2018 will likely prove to be a much more difficult political landscape to navigate as the midterm elections approach.

Mr. Trump celebrated the massive tax overhaul package that Republicans pushed through Congress last week. His travel ban is now in effect after a green light from the Supreme Court. And the president spent his first year reversing numerous Obama-era policies.

Next year, however, even with a unified GOP government, it won’t necessarily be a walk in the park. Lawmakers will largely be focused on their re-election efforts, which will make passing certain legislation even trickier.

The president faces a number of legislative challenges next year and could potentially face more revelations that come out of the federal investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, or the congressional probes.

2018 midterm elections

Midterm election years are almost always tough for the sitting president. Mr. Trump won’t want to do too much to rock the boat for Republicans as they defend their majorities in both chambers. At the same time, the president will likely push certain issues that might play well with conservatives and rally the Republican base. 

Government spending

Because Congress punted on passing new government funding several times this fall, lawmakers will have to revisit the issue in January. Lawmakers still haven’t struck a deal to lift spending ceilings put in place by the 2011 Budget Control Act. Such an agreement will be key to the government-wide spending package that would fund the government through the rest of the fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30. These issues will be difficult for Mr. Trump to navigate as Democrats have considerable leverage in these negotiations. 

Low approval rating

President Trump has one of the lowest approval ratings of his presidency, standing at 35 percent, according to Gallup, and has…

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