Trump is right, Newsweek. Socialism doesn’t work

On Tuesday, President Trump addressed the United Nations and, shocking to no one savelLeft-of-center news agencies, he expressed his strong belief in his own economic policies; in America—its people, way of life, and the Constitution which governs it; and in business enterprise as a path to freedom and prosperity.  Trump’s speech, optimistic and pro-American as it was, falls in the mainstream of American presidential tradition.  Indeed, it is the stuff of a Truman or a Reagan.

But you’d never know it from how it was reported.

The Guardian called it “a blunt, fearful rant.” 

That is a more apt description for The Guardian itself.  (Trust me, I know.  I’ve been trashed by them no less than twice for a claim I never made and they never bothered to verify.)

Salon said Trump “careened wildly from some warped form of principled realism to threats of mass annihilation and back again.” 

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