Trial-Bound Lawsuits: Predicting Litigation Settlement Failure

LSF Index Brochure

Legal disputes that fail to settle have a tell-tale economic fingerprint. The LSF Index is that fingerprint.

SettlementAnalytics™ has today announced the launch of a groundbreaking new legal metric and advisory service designed to assist in the early detection of lawsuits that will fail to resolve in a settlement agreement. Based on an advanced legal-economic model of dispute, the Litigation Settlement Failure Index™ (LSF Index™) is the world’s first quantitative legal measurement to indicate the likelihood of a lawsuit proceeding all the way to trial and adjudication.

Using the LSF Index and related legal-analytic technologies, SettlementAnalytics now offers settlement failure risk analysis and prediction services (SFRAP). For the first time, corporate litigants and law firms have a rigorous and quantitative early-warning indicator of settlement failures.

The Fingerprint of Settlement Failure

The majority of legal disputes end in settlement. So when negotiations fail and cases proceed to a court or arbitral hearing, it can often come as a surprise, and one that is not always welcome. However, research shows there is a tell-tale fingerprint of impending settlement failure embedded in the economic structure of trial-prone legal conflicts and the prospects that confront each litigant. The LSF Index is that fingerprint.

“Not all lawsuits are created equal. In order to reach a court and obtain a judgment, disputes must first resist the economic forces that ordinarily encourage a negotiated solution. This filtering process imparts an economic signature to the subset of disputes which can be expected to end up in a courtroom,” said Robert Parnell, president and CEO of SettlementAnalytics….

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