Travel Insured International Launches Innovative Mobile App to Help Reduce Travel Anxiety

Travel Insured International

“But our technology platform and focus on customer experience allows for quick adoption of our services in the insurance sector so that all types of travelers, corporate and leisure, can benefit and ultimately stay out of harm’s way.”

Travel Insured’s new and improved mobile application is the perfect travel companion before, during and after a traveler’s journey. The new feature within the app provides health advice such as recommended vaccinations or medications specific to the traveler’s itinerary to help prepare before leaving home. Safety advice, hospital locations, and emergency numbers are also available by destination. On the app you’re able to purchase a plan, file a claim, and have access to all of this important information – all on one application.

Through its partnership with Sitata, travelers using Travel Insured’s new service will be kept informed during their trip of any potentially disruptive events. Sitata’s advanced software systems use artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect travel-disrupting events from traditional news sources and social media. Sitata’s systems detect more than the usual governmental travel alerts and at a much faster pace. Whether it’s an incoming tropical storm, the latest disease outbreak, a violent protest down the street, or something as simple as a transit strike, all of Travel Insured’s policyholders will be notified if they’re at risk through the application and by email.

“Travel Insured is making an active investment in its services to improve our planholders’ experience when away from home,” said CEO of Travel Insured, John Gehris. “With this new offering included in each and every plan,…

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