Town of Greece Passes Resolution for Flood Damage Protection

GREECE, N.TY. — The Town of Greece passed a resolution Wednesday
evening on flooding from Lake Ontario’s record high waters.

It requests that Monroe County explore legal options to prevent
further damage and compensate local businesses and homeowners for
damage already caused.

“The homeowners in our community are really suffering,” said Bill
Reilich, (R) Greece Town Supervisor. “We’re talking about the
potential of tens of thousands of dollars each one of them could
incur. So we want to make sure that we explore every possibility, not
leaving anything unturned. We’re now asking the county to research if
litigation is possible, or what we can do to the fullest extent
legally to provide some relief to our homeowners.”

Monroe County issued a statement saying in part, “The County is
looking into our legal options to the benefit of the entire County.
But, legal actions by individual municipalities are possible. “

Residents along the front lines in Greece say they think the
resolution is a good step, but that more needs to be done.

“The resolution tonight gives me hope for the first time that maybe
we’re going to get some response,” said Edgemere Drive resident
Christine Brady. “Maybe they will finally pay attention. I pray to God
the other lakeshore towns and communities join as well. I think it’s
the only chance we have.”

However, some say the only long-term solution is ending – or at
least substantially modifying – Plan 2014.

“Compensation doesn’t restore a way of life,” said Edgemere Drive
resident David Bell. “It doesn’t restore the value of our home. We’re
not rich people. We’re middle-class people that worked in education
our whole lives and that was our nest egg. That was our retirement.
That was our investment in our future. It’s gone. And I don’t know how
it’s going to be replaced.”

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