Toulouse: When making an alarm clock is (almost) as simple as playing with legos |

The electronic components simplified Thingz. — Thingz

  • A start-up in toulouse has invented kits, so for Lego to create objects that are connected.
  • An interface allows you to familiarize yourself with the computer code.
  • Thingz sells three kits, for the moment by correspondence.

Imagine your guests swoon when your kid goes out to the weather station that it has bidouillée him-even with his small hands. This moment of glory family could arrive sooner than expected thanks to a small start-up toulousaine, Thingz, who invented kits of electronic parts, making the manufacture of connected objects almost as simple as playing with legos.

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This all started from a story of awakening. “I can’t hear ever mine, tells the story of Cyril Loucif-Durouge, a young engineer graduated from l‘Insa Toulouse and founder of the box. Then, I had the idea of me tinkering with one that would send me out of the water with a small car that is controlled with a spear.”

Bricks to “plugger”

And for that everyone (from 8 years) can put an audible alarm on the door of his room, to manufacture a panel with a message variable for the occupancy of the bathroom, or even a small robot, buttons, cell, or bluetooth Thingz have been transformed into ” bricks plugger “.

The start-up does not only surf on the ” Must-yourselfers “, it is also the work of pedagogy : a connection interface allows to follow the fast programming in computer language. “And the computer language is now in the program in the primary,” recalls Cyril Loucif.

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For the moment, Thingz sells three kits to 65, 119 and 179 euros. They are only sold by mail order. The three employees pack and ship it themselves, to schools or homes, in their small office in the‘Iot Valley, Labège….

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