Tools to protect your car from thieves

Experts say a wheel club is one of several things someone can do to stop carjackers. Credit: KMOV

ST. LOUIS ( –  After a carjacking in Maplewood Sunday night, police say the suspects left behind a key piece of evidence, a car that was reported stolen almost a month earlier in Florissant.

The car’s owner tells News 4 he never thought he’d see his car again. He bought it brand new last year and was devastated when he discovered early one morning it was gone from his driveway.

He told News 4 police said it had likely been used in other crimes over the last month.

“It’s just kind of surreal to think about it, it was something I drive every day is now being involved in committing crimes,” said the victim who asked not to have his name used.

The victim said he always locked his doors but more often police are finding that doesn’t always stop thieves. So News 4 went to the experts to find out what other tools are available.

Joe Barbaglia owns Southwest Auto Parts in south St. Louis. He knows all too well about being a victim to car thieves. One of their work vans was stolen right outside their store in 2015.

Barbaglia says there are several easy things people can do. First up is a wheel club. It’s a simple method that also acts as a deterrent. You can also install a kill switch.

“It’s easy to install and costs about five dollars,” said Barbaglia.

When you flip the switch it cuts the electricity to the ignition. But now there are more modern tools including several apps.

News 4 found several online options. TrackNStop and SkyLink are both options that allow you to remotely shut off your car through an app.

Police though remind everyone that a car is never worth your life. If a suspect has a gun or is threatening your life, give up the car instead of risking your life.

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