Time to audit the Department of Defense – Orange County Register

Back in the 1990s, Congress wisely imposed budget-transparency mandates on federal government agencies. Being bureaucracies, they didn’t always swiftly comply. But one of the biggest and most sprawling — the Department of Defense — flagrantly failed.

Now, the Pentagon is about to go through its first audit. And there’s good reason to believe that chief auditor and comptroller David Norquist is the right man for the job. With a background in House Appropriations and financials at the Department of Homeland Security, he was a good choice for President Trump to make. He says he sees the audit as a great opportunity, not a big bugaboo. He’s right.

There’s a lot on the line. The military brass howled in the Obama years when failed budget negotiations triggered the so-called “sequester” of funds, including Pentagon dollars. This year, they cheered the return of a big-budget allocation — $700 billion. But word is out that the Pentagon stuffed away a recent internal study showing more than a seventh of its current budget disappeared into the maw of “administrative waste.”

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